LPC Strategy & Vision

LPC Vision

Empowering Bolton’s pharmacies to improve local health

LPC Strategy

Lead & Innovate Bolton LPC will:
Understand the commissioning priorities for the CCG, Local Authority, NHSE, PCNs and any other relevant body and engage with them to develop new services
Research, develop and evaluate innovative proof of concept services
Support Contractors Bolton LPC will:
Update and support contractors with changes to regulatory, contractual and national IT matters.
Engage effectively with contractors.
Understand contractor priorities
Provide service support to pharmacy teams including contract monitoring visits.
Identify and help support training needs.
Build Networks Bolton LPC will:
Have clear points of contact with commissioners and contractors
Raise the profile of community pharmacy to further develop its role.
Engage and facilitate commissioning.
Review and address engagement gaps.
Service Delivery Bolton LPC will:
Enable re-commissioning of existing services.
Identify and overcome barriers to service provision.
Help develop services to support the local needs of our population.
Support contractors to increase delivery of advanced services
Promote management of Long-Term Conditions
Identify viable funding streams.
Governance Bolton LPC will:
Ensure staff and members have the appropriate skills and competence for their roles, now and in the future.
Adhere to relevant governance and legal obligations.
Ensure there is a business plan to underpin the strategic objectives