Summary Care Records

A Summary of the Key Steps for Pharmacy Teams (More detailed guidance is available from PSNC / HSCIC)

  • Pharmacists and Registered Technicians are required to complete the CPPE SCR module
  • At least one pharmacist per branch to register for the SCR Viewer training (multiples may be providing in-house training – please check before you book)
  • Appoint a Privacy Officer – At least one member of staff to register for the Privacy Officer Training (multiples may be managing this at Head Office – please check before you book). Please note a pharmacist cannot sign off their own alerts – it is advised that another member of the pharmacy team is trained – this person will require a smartcard, but does not need to be a pharmacist or registered technician
  • Develop your SOPs and review your IG policies
  • Complete the User Acceptance Agreement
  • Ensure your Pharmacy System has the correct technical requirements (details here)
  • Add the SCR role to your smart card

Pharmacies must also:

  • have an N3 connection
  • be compliant with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) Warranted Environment Specification (WES)
  • be compliant with the Information Governance Toolkit
  • ensure staff accessing the SCR have specific smartcard roles enabling access to the SCR
CPPE All Pharmacists and Registered Technicians who wish to access SCR are required to complete the CPPE online course
 SOP The RPS and Pharmacy Voice have developed a template that can be adapted for use in your pharmacy Sample SOP – SCR
SCR Implementation Help Sheets

These helpsheets are designed to support you with the key parts of the planning for SCR.

They cover the key points which you will need to consider, and which may need a change to your current processes in order to make the best use of Summary Care Records.
Sample Privacy Officer Flowchart

This covers the steps required by the Privacy Officer in order to access, investigate and sign off alerts.

SCR SOP Flowchart Sheet1[1]
PSNC This section of the PSNC website summarises provides information on the NHS Summary Care Record.
HSCIC User Acceptance Agreement
Consent Form A patient must give their express permission for you to view their SCR. This is termed as “permission to view”. It is not essential to have written permission, this is a local, organisational decision. SCR Consent Form

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