Bolton CCG Scriptswitch

Bolton CCG Scriptswitch 2020

May 2020

Bolton CCG are starting work to switch patients prescribed the following calcium and vitamin D products to Calci-D.

Please start to adjust your stock levels as appropriate:

Adcal D3 Chewable Lemon
Natecal D3
Calcichew D3 Caplets
Accrete D3 tablets
Accrete D3 One a Day 1000mg/880unit
Calcichew D3 1000mg/800unit Once Daily chewable tablets
Calcichew D3 Forte chewable tablets
Evacal D3 1500mg/400unit chewable tablets
SunVit-D3 400unit with Calcium 500/600mg chewable tablets
Calcichew D3 chewable tablets



Bolton CCG have a range of switches planned for 2019 which you and your pharmacy team need to be aware of.

The switches currently being undertaken are:

  • Dicycloverine to Mebeverine  
  • Oxycodone MR to Oxeltra PR 
  • Seretide Evohaler / Sirdupla – Combisal

Please take immediate action to ensure you are not left with excess stock.

Other switches will be gradual, however we recommend that you review your stock of the items listed below and take steps to ensure that you are not left with stock once the switches have taken place.

Ropinirole XL  – Spiroco XL

Cavilon – Zerolon

Gatalin – Gazylan

Zyprexa velotab – Olanzapine dispersible

Versatis – Ralvo

Atropine eye drops – Minims

Methylphenidate – Delmosart