Act Now: Smartcard deadlines approaching –  is your card due for renewal soon?

NHS Digital expect a large influx of NHS smartcard renewal requests in the next few weeks as 140,000 cards are due for renewal on 27 June 2022.

Affected users have received automated messages on authentication that they have one month to renew, they will be prompted every time they log in. If you receive this message, please self-renew now. We strongly encourage community pharmacy team members to check their Smartcards are working regularly and renew them well in advance of their expiry date. Doing so early will mean there is more time to resolve any technical or other issues that may occur during the renewal process.

If NHS Digital do not manage to increase the rate of renewal now, it will inevitably result in a rush of users requiring smartcard renewals through the Care Identity Service with increasing urgency. This could lead to delays in access to systems and services, and an inability to download scripts, due to backlogs of renewals.

You can quickly renew your card via the Care Identity Service (CIS) online Smartcard software portal.

Additional information for Locum Pharmacists

FFFFF users can renew their card in any pharmacy as long as the certificates haven’t already expired. There can be IT issues which prevent cards from being renewed in some stores but this can usually be resolved by contacting the IT provider.

If a Locum is still struggling to renew their card they should get in touch with the GMSS RA team:

Please ensure this information is cascade to all pharmacy team members who have a smartcard and to all locum pharmacists.

Further information is available on the PSNC website.