Primary Care Workforce Data – Better Together – Complete the survey

The Community Pharmacy Provider Board ( Bolton LPC, GMLPC and CHL) have been working with GM Integrated Primary Care and Workforce team to identify workforce issues.

On 18th July, a new primary care workforce data collection – Better Together – has been launched to support the primary care system across GM.

The ambition of this workforce data collection is to:

  • Provide an assessment of current workforce challenges across all primary care in GM.
  • Inform workforce development, training and educational programmes required to meet system needs.
  • Identify strategies to support recruitment and retention across ALL primary care in GM.
  • Support successful future workforce planning for ALL primary care in GM.

All providers for NHS Community Pharmacy, Dentistry and Optometry should have received an electronic form that enables this data to be submitted for return by close of play on 1st August 2022.

The reporting schedule for future returns can be found at Primary Care Workforce Data – Greater Manchester Primary Care (

To find out more about the programme or for futher queries, please visit the Primary Care Careers website at: or contact programme leads and